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To have access to an ADSL connection you need to consider the following:
  • An ADSL connection must be within 3.5km distance of an exchange.
  • A special modem or router is required to make a connection.
  • A phone line filter is required to use the phone at the same time as the Internet.
  • Your phone line needs to be ADSL provisioned (ISPDr looks after this for you).
ADSL Enabled Exchange
An ADSL connection must be located within 3.5km of an ADSL enabled exchange. Not all exchanges have the ability to allow ADSL connections. To find out if your telephone exchange is ADSL enabled and if you are close enough to access the ADSL network place your phone number in the line checker. This will run a preliminary check on ADSL availability. Please note that the ADSL network is expanding all the time, so check back regularly.

ADSL has an added advantage of allowing you to use your phone line while still being on the Internet. To do this you require a small device that filters out parts of the signal that are not needed. For more information on low-pass filters please visit our ADSL filters page.

An ADSL connection requires a different modem from that used in standard dialup technology. If you are changing over from a standard 56k dialup connection you will need to purchase an ADSL modem for your ADSL connection. If you are creating a completely new ADSL Internet connection (not swapping from 56k dialup) you will also need to purchase an ADSL modem or router. For a list of ADSL modems ISPDr recommends visiting our ADSL modems page.

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