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Credit Card Payment Information and Policy
Today, Credit Cards are a natural way of paying bills, and at ISPDr it is the most popular way our Members pay their accounts. So we thought it would be a great idea to tell you about an easy to use Credit Card Facility that you can now take advantage of it when paying your next Account Invoice.

Types of Credit Card Processing
There are 2 types of Credit Card processing available within ISPDr. Both are secure, easy to use and simple.

  1. Automatic Credit Card Processing. (Batched Process)
    This method of payment is the most popular amongst ISPDr Members as it is secure, easy and effortless. We do all the processing for you. Protection of your details is a high priority here at ISPDr, so your details are not kept in plain text format - they are securely stored and encrypted for maximum protection. These details are then processed periodically and payments applied to your account. Its that simple..

  2. Online Credit Card Processing. (Real Time Billing)
    The ISPDr Online Payment system takes the hassle out of making one-off credit card payments - it's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can now add funds to your account any time you like! This system is completely real-time - meaning that the credit card transaction actually occurs as you watch. The funds are debited from your credit card and are added to your ISPDr account within 10 minutes - generating the normal SNAS receipt emails. Best part is, we don't even see your details, they get encrypted on your machine, and go straight to the bank for processing!

    This service is intended to streamline the taking of existing one-off ISPDr credit card payments. All ISPDr clients will be encouraged to use this service over the more traditional methods: Email, Phone and In person at one of our dealers. You will find:

    • Its more efficient and less error prone (less human factor).
    • Its quicker and can be done whenever you want to do it.
    • Its cheaper - no need to make a call or drop into a shop.
    • There is a lot more information for tracking payments.

    For those of you who would like to know more about Online Credit Card Processing, please head over to our Help Section. for all the information you will need.

    Make Secure Online Credit Card Payment
Acquiring your Credit Card Information

Some of our Members beleive that calling ISPDr directly is safer than using our Secure Online services for payment processing or updating your details. Please take the time to read the following information, I beleive it will explain why ISPDr beleives in the systems we have provided for acquiring your information.

You 'ring through your details' to ISPDr. Immediately, you have a standard telephone line (completely un-encrypted and tappable anywhere from your hand set to the receiver handset) Once you actually give your details, another person has a complete set of your numbers - they could write them down for later processing etc (and another set of your numbers are out there). Finally, lets look at physical transactions, you go into a store, buy some goods - swipe your card and sign a receipt. Most dockets today show full card details - a copy of these details must be kept (the merchant copy) for seven years - during which time who knows how many people might actually have access to these dockets - regardless of best intentions.

These examples highlight some of the reasons why ISPDr discourages taking your Credit Card details over the phone or through plain text, unencrypted email. We have spent a great deal of time and effort ensuring that our secure pages are just that, Secure. We provide these facilities to ensure our Members have peace of mind that you are in safe hands when dealing with ISPDr Online Services.

So the next time you wish to update your Credit Card details or apply for our Automatic Credit Card processing - Please log into our Members Section and send your details through to us easily and safely.

Online Security and You
Many people today are still wary of processing online credit card transactions, and yet, the e-commerce systems of today are far more secure than nearly all credit card transactions of the past! Firstly, looking at the technology side of things. When you log onto our e-commerce gateway you are getting a direct 128bit encrypted "industrial strength" (see the little 'lock' on the bottom of the page) connection - that only runs internally on our network - all the way to a dedicated server on our premises. This in turn is hardwired to a standard EFTPos terminal - which is used for a second layer of encryption and immediate credit card verification.

This machine, in turn has a dedicated point-to-point (encrypted) link, running straight to the bank. Your credit card details are never actually decrypted / or stored on any local machines at all (only once they hit the bank) - in fact, even if we wanted to, ISPDr can't actually intercept your credit card details in a readable format at all!

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