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Refund Policy

As apart of our total committment to our Members, including those wishing to leave our service, we provide a clear and easy to follow Refund Policy, as we beleive it should be easy to get your money in the quickest time frame available.

All Refund applications must be made prior to Account Termination, all Refunds are paid to the Client by cheque. These cheques are posted to the client within 14 - 21 days of an approved Refund Application. You MUST apply for Refund with ISPDr Management only, Dealers or ISPDr Support Staff are not authorized to process your Refund Application.

Upon approval of your Refund Application, ISPDr Management will verbally provide you with a Refund Reference Number, the RRN will also be sent to your nominated email address for further verification. This number is needed should you have any queries regarding your Refund Application. The Customer should not consider their request to have been processed unless they receive this email; it is the Customers responsibility to followup on all Refund Applications. Under our current Privacy Policy, ISPDr will not investigate enquiries regarding any claims if the User can not disclose the appropriate RRN.

ISPDr will clear all outstanding debts against the account prior to processing Refunds. Any remaining funds will be processed as per Refund Criteria listed below. ISPDr does allow for the transfer of funds to another ISPDr account upon request. These funds are paid to the designated users balance upon closure of the host account.

Please note: Refunds where the Member has paid ISPDr with a Credit Card with incurr a 4% Administration Fee. This covers ISPDr for all previous banking fees whilst the Member used ISPDr's Credit Card processing facility. This fee will be charged on the total amount of the Refund. Once deducted, normal Refund conditions will apply as per our Refund Policy listed forthwith.

ISPDr will NOT process Refunds based on the criteria listed below:

  • Time Charged Accounts with less than 1 Block available ($33.00)
  • Time Charged Accounts where last payment was over 6 months prior to Termination.
  • Monthly Accounts who have been billed for the month already.
  • Mid Month Cancellations requests where Customer used Part month or Funds.
  • Reimbursement of Funds based on a Verbal Cancellation.
  • Funds paid to another provider. (Prior to Merger with ISPDr)
  • Domain Hosting Fee's where the Member has not notified ISPDr, and had it receipted, of changes regarding its Delegation or Hosting.

    Alternative utilizations for declined funds as follows:

  • Email Forwarding: ISPDr will forward all received email to the Members new ISP until funds are depleated*
  • External Email Access: Allows the Member to access email from their new ISP until funds are depleated*
  • Transferring the funds to another account within the ISPDr network

    ISPDr Reserves the right to make any final decisions in regards to the outcome of any Refund Application.

  • Contact Us

    Should you require more detailed information on our Refund Policy, or should you are concerned about your Refund Application
    or its progress, please contact:
      Operations Manager
    PO Box 664
    NSW 2567

    This policy is dated the 28th September 2003 and superceedes all previous Refund Policies for ISPDr Internet Solutions. From time to time we may make changes to our Refund Policy. We will publish those changes on this web site. You will not be personally advised but feel free to check this policy statement regularily for updates.
    * Denotea a service fee applies for these services. Consult ISPDr Staff when applying for these services to find out more.
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