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For those users who would prefer a timed plan with no download limit, ISPDr monthly plans are great value. All plans are available on our fast 56k digital server. Perfect for people that don't want to try and work out their data (use as much as you like!) and would rather simply work it out on time.

Timed Monthly Plans
Simply choose the plan that best suits the amount of time you need. If you are a new user, we recommend the 'Day Patient' (as you can easily change up or down plans depending on how your usage pattern settles).

Plan Details Additional
Band Aid $11.00 for 10 hrs per month $3.30 / hour
First Aid $16.50 for 15 hrs per month $2.20 / hour
Day Patient $33.00 for 40 hrs per month $2.20 / hour
Observation $49.50 for 60 hrs per month $2.20 / hour
Minor Surgery $66.00 for 90 hrs per month $2.20 / hour

ISPDr Account Features
All of our monthly plans include these great benefits:

  • 5 Mb email box
  • Browser-based webmail facilities
  • Multiple email addresses available
  • 5 Mb personal web space
  • Roaming dial-in access
  • Child accounts available
  • Free professional support 8am - 10pm daily
  • "...our original plan types - always popular!"

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