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Our expert ISPDr support team have compiled as list of the most commonly asked support questions.

  1. Why do I keep dropping out?
  2. Why is there no answer when dialling to the Internet?
  3. Why can't my computer detect the modem?
  4. Why does it tell me I am unable to connect?
  5. Why do I keep getting "Error 691"?
  6. I'm not sure what the data limit means.
  7. I haven't received any invoices
  8. I can't access any web pages!
  9. Why am I unable to log on to the mail server?
  10. Why do I never seem to connect at 56K?
  11. Why does it keep asking for my password when I check my email?
  12. Why after typing a long email does OpenWebmail tell me that my session expired (timed out)?
Q: Why do I keep dropping out?
A: There are many environmental variables involved in dropouts. Some ways to combat the problem are:

  • Make sure call waiting is disabled by picking up the handset and dialling #43#. Dial *43# to re-enable it.
  • Listen if you have any static/noise on the line can cause slow connections and dropouts. If this is happening, call Telstra to organise a line test.
  • Remove any other devices from the same line; try connecting through a different socket in the building.
  • Connect the modem directly to the socket without extension cables.
  • Update your modem drivers. Most manufacturers have drivers ready for download on their website.
  • Try a different modem.
  • Try your PC and modem on a different phone line.
  • Some plans (unlimited access plans) have a session time limit. When this limit is hit, you will be disconnected.
  • Try this modem init string: S10=150
Q: Why do I get the error "No Answer" when dialling?
  • If there was a storm in your area recently and you have left the phone line connected to the modem, it is possible your modem may have been power spiked.
  • Have you got the phone line plugged in to the modem and the wall correctly?
  • Is someone using the line already?
  • Are you dialling the correct number?
Q: Why won't my computer detect the modem?
  • Have you switched the modem on? (applicable to external modems only)
  • Disable any fax software that might be running
  • Reinstall the drivers for the modem
  • Try a different modem on your computer
Q: Why does it tell me I am unable to connect?
  • If you've installed any new software, try disabling or uninstalling it
  • Try deleting the dialup connection and re-creating it
  • Try uninstalling the modem and re-installing it
  • Check the cables are all connected correctly
Q: Why do I keep getting "Error 691"?
A:  This error is referring to an invalid username or password

  • Check that both your username and password are in lower case; if you are not sure about the password delete it and retype it
  • Make sure the CAPS LOCK key is not enabled when typing your password
  • Are you dialling the correct number?
Q: I'm not sure what the data limit means.
A: The data limit on our unlimited access accounts is sometimes not fully understood. Data is any information which travels between your computer and ours. Web-pages, emails, files, streaming music, anything which can be gathered from the Internet, constitutes data. However, some activities use up data much more than others. Plain-text email uses relatively little, whilst music and large images use a relatively large amount.

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Q: I can't access any web pages.
A: Have you set-up your Internet browser with the correct proxy server for your area?
  • Make sure there are not any capital letters or spaces in the proxy address in your browser
  • Check you have the correct port number (3128) set
  • If you have got the proxy server set, try removing the tick from "Use a proxy server" and try again.
  • Reinstall/upgrade your browser
  • Firewall software can block all data to and from your PC if incorrectly configured or after suffering some kind of hardware or software fault. If you have installed any firewall software (such as ZoneAlarm or Norton Personal Firewall) try disabling or un-installing it.
Q: I haven't received any invoices.
  • All invoices are sent through to your ISP Doctor email address. If you require them to be emailed elsewhere please contact the office so we can arrange this.
  • Make sure you have set-up your ISP Doctor email account and are checking it regularly.
Q: Why am I unable to log on to the mail server?
A:  Are you dialled into ISP Doctor?

  • You will be unable to use any POP mail program to check your mail if you dial in to a different provider. However, you can still access your mail through our Webmail service:
  • If you are running any Anti-Virus software, try disabling it and change the account settings back to default. If this corrects the problem please contact the manufacturer of the virus software
  • If you were logged on and it dropped out, please wait 10-15 minutes for the lock on your mailbox to disengage itself.
  • Try deleting the mail account and re-creating it.
Q: Why do I never seem to connect at 56K?
  • Firstly, connecting at the full 56K is very unlikely unless your connection is purely digital (i.e., you have an Onramp Home Highway or similar service installed at home). Speeds from 46 to 48Kbps are more likely.
  • Your modem might not be a 56K V.90 modem. K56Flex will also connect at 44-46K, but less reliably. Other protocols will not connect higher than 33.6kbps.
  • Your line might be "dirty", i.e. Suffering from static or has poor connections.
  • Modems will drop their speed ("retrain") until they can find a speed that they can reliably communicate at
  • Your phone lines might simply not support 56K connections. This is especially true if your phone line is on a Pair Gain, or RIM, system, which will limit the bandwidth of your connection. Telstra will not guarantee the lines above 24K.
Q: Why does it keep asking for my password when I check my email?
  • Some Anti-Virus software can have difficulty starting up correctly. This can cause the username and password box to keeping popping up. Usually restarting your computer will sort this problem. This problem can also be rectified by updating your anti-virus application (not just the virus-definitions) or re-installing the software.
  • If your connection dropped out while you were checking your email, the server may still think you are connected to it. The server will timeout in 10-15 minutes and you can check your email again.
Q: After typing a long email OpenWebmail tells me that my session has expired or timed out. Why?
  • OpenWebmail utilises session times as a security feature. This is designed to limit unauthorised access to your email account should you forget to logout.
  • It is a good idea to save a copy of the email in the "Drafts" folder when writing a large email.



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